Radon Mitigation

We don’t just get the radon levels just below the 4 Pc/L mark (commonly known as the industry standard). We try to get it as low as possible. That’s what makes us different. Sometimes it takes more work but that is our goal. The lowest radon vale that we can possibly achieve. This usually takes us to make a visit to the home before we give you a quote. Our systems are custom designed to the house we are working in.

It is very common in this industry to just give a quote over the phone. After the job is finished and installed the system is tested and that’s when the surprises happen. Most competitors will charge extra to install a larger fan saying that the system needs this to function correctly. And that’s an additional cost.

We can usually give a price range of what the job will cost over the phone but we visit every home we install at to give an accurate quote with no surprises. We do not up sell after the job is installed. Our quote price is the price you pay period. We guarantee our work.

Certifications: NRPP - RMT 108525